Victoria Inn, Nash Road


Situated within the Lliswerry ward, close to all transport links, bus links and shops. Conveniently located by the distributer road and close to leisure facilities and shops. 


5 x three person two-bed and 13 x two person one-bed, general needs housing.

Further Information

Demolition will be completed in October 2022 and construction is due to be completed spring 2024. Our contractors are Castell Group. 

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Community Benefits

Castell Groundworks division recently installed a brand new bike storage facility at Lliswerry Primary School in Newport. The bike store will provide a safe and secure place for children to park their bikes, which will help to reduce traffic congestion around the school.

The initiative is part of our engagement with the community in Lliswerry, where we are constructing social housing.

We're committed to making our communities more sustainable, and we believe that this cycle store is a great way to encourage children to cycle to school.

To learn more about the project, please visit the Castell Group website.