Our neighbourhood standards outline the services that we will provide in the communal areas around your home and the standards of the service you should expect to receive.

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We want you to feel pride in your environment and the community you live in. This guide explains how we will help to maintain your neighbourhood, and how you can help us along the way.

The guidance covers:

  • Internal communal areas
  • Outside communal areas
  • Preventing rats and other pests
  • Building and safety
  • Communal green areas
  • Trees and watercourses
  • Community use of land

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How you can help us

Cleaning and waste management

Our cleaning and caretaking teams help keep everything clean around your home, and you can help, too. Remember to dispose of everyday litter correctly, and store larger items until disposal is possible. The collection of large household items can be booked via the Newport City Council website.

Items that cannot be disposed of at home, or collected by Newport City Council can be taken to the household recycling centre.

Our waste and recycling page has more information about keeping our land clean and safe, including guidance on fly-tipping.

Looking after green spaces

Our teams carry out regular inspections of our green spaces. But you can help us to address any safety concerns as soon as you notice them.

Reporting any structural changes to trees, pollution in our waterways or other issues that are, or have the potential to become safety issues allows us to respond quickly to them.

Maintaining your security

Our teams also perform regular inspections on your communal door entry systems to help maintain the security of your home. If you see any security issues, such as a door not closing fully, or the intercom in your home stops working, you should report this to us as soon as possible.


The variety of homes that we provide mean that the internal or external features of a communal area may differ slightly across our neighbourhoods, but this guide covers the main features of all property types.

How to report an issue

If you spot something that needs reporting or want to speak to us about this guidance, please contact us. We’re here to help.

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How we look after communal areas

Keeping communal areas clean and tidy is not only common courtesy for other customers who share the space but is also important for minimising fire risk.

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