Over recent months we have been looking at what work, if any, is required to improve some of our homes in the Gaer area.

This will only be affecting Dickens Drive (odd numbers only) and Kipling Hill (all properties).

Who can I talk to about this?

We understand that residents may have further questions. There are several ways that you can get in touch with us.

Samantha Reed, Senior Development Officer

Email: Samantha.Reed@newportcityhomes.com

Telephone: 01633 227 744

Next steps

We have identified some important next steps for us, which we expect to take forward from spring/summer 2022.

These include:

  • Engagement - To look at the best ways of working with the local community in the future and carry on talking with you to understand your views
  • Regeneration - We will be working up our plans in more detail and making amendments informed by the feedback received, such as design aspects of the new builds
  • Timescales - We know you really want information about the potential timeline for any works, we will look to develop this in dialogue with you when our work commences in 2022