The Scrutiny Partnership is a group of dedicated customers who volunteer their time to help us improve by giving us their opinion of the services we provide.

The group are involved with lots of different projects across Newport City Homes and meet every month to discuss resident satisfaction, resident engagement, and service improvement.

The group works with all sorts of different teams across our association to make sure we understand our customers’ experiences and take feedback on board.

Every year, the Scrutiny Partnership produce a ‘Customers at the Heart’ report for our board, showing how customers have influenced changes and improvements to our services.

But don’t just take it from us! Hear what our current members have to say...

Keith Wood – Chair

"I have always wanted to contribute, exceed expectations and provide a better future for the customers, staff and the Newport City Homes Housing Association.”

Shelley McGuire – Vice Chair

“Being a Scrutiny Partnership member helps me understand the issues that NCH face when delivering services.”

Tony Williams

“I want to try and improve communication with Newport City Homes by using the power of the Scrutiny Partnership to influence change in the way Newport City Homes communicates with tenants and delivers their services and policies.”

Wendy Berry

“I am amazed at the number of services that Newport City Homes offer their customers. Scrutiny Panel is my way of getting my voice heard and contributing to improved service.”

Craig Bartlett

“I joined Scrutiny Partnership in 2019 and have enjoyed having the opportunity to put my views forwards and have them listened to.”


Marsha Russell

“Becoming a part of the Scrutiny Partnership means I’m able to give honest views and opinions on improving services across NCH and I currently sit on the Customer Experience focus group as well as Scrutiny.”

Tom Scott

“I believe the work we do at scrutiny is invaluable and makes a difference as we can ask the questions and get answers about things that are important to residents.”

Zoe Newton-Karbautzki

“I joined the interview panels for NCH to help make changes for all their customers. Then joined Scrutiny Partnership, both of which I am enjoying taking part in. It’s good to see the progression NCH are making, for the customers.”


Interested? Join us!

If you’d like to get involved and influence the way our services are delivered, you can find more information in our volunteer specification (PDF).