It is your responsibility to keep your home and garden clean and free from rubbish.

Newport City Council is responsible for collecting and disposing of your household waste and recycling.

If your waste has not been collected, you need to make changes to your service or you have any other questions about their waste or recycling collections,
please contact Newport City Council in the first instance.

Newport City Homes is a separate organisation to Newport City Council. 

Your weekly waste and recycling collections

We encourage all our residents to dispose of waste using the correct bins and to recycle as much as possible.

General household waste is collected by Newport City Council on your designated bin collection day.

If you have communal bins, the Council will collect these from the bin store or at the boundary of your home.

Please make sure that:

  • bins are out by 7am
  • bin lids can close and that no additional items are left on top of or next to the bin

The Council will not empty overfilled bins. If this happens, any overfilled bins will be issued with a tag and enforcement will be issued.

If you’re struggling to reduce the amount of waste you have, recycling can really help and it’s easy to do. Here’s a great A–Z guide of what can and can’t be recycled in Newport.

Large or heavy items, such as mattresses or fridges, cannot be taken on normal bin collection rounds. It is your responsibility to dispose of these bulky household items safely.

Leaving large or heavy items without arrangement with Newport City Council is classified as fly-tipping - an offence which can lead to prosecution.

If you are able to transport the items yourself, you can take them to Newport Household Waste Recycling Centre on Docks Way. At the moment, there is a booking system to do this.

If you are not able to do this, you can arrange for collection. Newport City Council will collect these items from your home for a small fee, see Newport City Council bulky household item collection service.

There are other collection services available from private contractors. In Wales, only private contractors who have a waste carrier licence from Natural Resources Wales are authorised to take your waste.

If you arrange for waste to be removed by someone without a licence, and your items are then fly-tipped, you could face a fine. We recommend that you check if your chosen carrier has a licence, which you can do on the Waste Carriers Public Register.

If your large items are in a good reusable condition, why not donate them to charity? Many charities accept saleable furniture and may even be able to collect it for you. Please contact WasteSavers or your chosen charity directly for more information.


Fly-tipping or illegally dumped waste on public land

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of household or trade waste on streets, wasteland or green spaces. It is an offence that can lead to prosecution.

Newport City Council is responsible for removing fly-tipping from public land.

Anyone found fly-tipping could face a £50,000 fine and up to 12 months imprisonment.

On conviction, the fine is unlimited in the Crown Court and the maximum term of imprisonment is five years.


Fly-tipping or illegally dumped waste on Newport City Homes land

We want Newport to be a place where we are all proud to live.

We are responsible for keeping our land safe – which includes your communal areas and green spaces.

This means that if we find dangerous fly-tipping on our land, we have a responsibility to clear it. However, fly-tipping is illegal, and the best solution is to prevent it from happening at all.

Help us take a stand against it.

If you witness any fly-tipping directly, please call the police on 111. If you can safely make a note of any details, or take a photo this may help the police.

If you notice fly-tipped waste on land that you believe is owned by Newport City Homes, you can report it by filling in our online form.

We will investigate who caused it and remove it so it doesn’t not cause a safety risk or continue to be an eyesore for local residents.

Fly-tipping is a breach of tenancy and could result in eviction.


Emptying litter bins on our estates

We have some community litter bins in your green spaces. These bins are blue, with our logo on them. Our caretakers empty these bins regularly as part of their rounds.

These litter bins are often used as places to dump fly-tipping which is not only unsightly but also a dangerous fire hazard. If you witness any fly-tipping directly, please call the police on 111. If you notice waste that has been fly-tipped around these bins, let us know by using our online form or calling us on 01633 381111.

What we’re doing to reduce fly tipping

Fly-tipping in Newport is an issue that we can’t tackle alone. We work closely with Newport City Council, Wastesavers and other partners every day to clear and prevent fly-tipping. 

Everyone can play a role in helping to reduce fly-tipping across Newport. Not just by disposing of your own waste correctly, but reporting incidents that you see happen, you can help us tackle the problem.

Read about our projects to reduce fly-tipping in Bettws.

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