Keeping communal areas clean and tidy is not only common courtesy for other customers who share the space but is also important for minimising fire risk.

We routinely clean communal areas and expect you to keep them clear of objects/obstructions. This includes but is not limited to, rubbish, door mats, pushchairs, bicycles, scooters, decorative items, etc.

Items left in communal areas can cause a fire risk, we have one simple rule, communal areas must be clear at all times. 

Your responsibilities for maintaining communal areas

  • Do not leave any items in communal areas
  • Do not wedge fire doors open
  • Do not smoke in communal areas
  • Keep communal areas free of obstruction
  • Dispose of all rubbish correctly.


What communal cleaning services are provided by us? 

The Communal Caretakers carry out 12 cleans each year on each block, roughly once a month, the exact time of month they may visit can vary due to Christmas shutdowns and bank holidays.

The time it takes to complete a clean will vary on the block size and the amount of cleaning required.

Communal cleaning is covered by your service charges, as well as communal electricity, window cleaning, and maintenance of door entry systems and lifts.

Below is a detailed list of the tasks that are carried out during communal cleaning. If there are any repairs our team cannot carry out during their visit, due to the nature of the repair or materials needed, they will notify their supervisor. 


  • Check to make sure that all signs displayed are safe and secure, that there are no trip hazards inside block and no damage to walls and floors.
  • Check to make sure windows are secure with no damage, and open and shut correctly.
  • Check all lights are working correctly.
  • Carry out minor repairs to prevent health and safety hazards.
  • Make sure all handrails and banisters are secure, if loose, tighten and make safe.
  • Make sure the front and rear communal entrance door closes securely.
  • Check the door entry system is working and secure, and there is no damage to it.
  • Check all letter baskets are emptied of junk mail and are not left full as this can be a fire risk.
  • Check from the pavement to the block that all pathways and steps have no trip hazards, if any repairs are needed, pictures and description of the repair is sent in straight away to Supervisor. The trip hazard is marked with yellow spray paint for it to be seen by maintenance for the repair, and for residents to avoid.
  • Check to see if there are any items in the communal area; if so, they need to be stickered with a notice to remove within 24 hours, an ‘action required’ notice is also pushed through all letter boxes.
  • Check bin chutes are clear and that there are no blockages.
  • Sweep floor and stairways inside the block.
  • Brush and removing cobwebs inside the block and on the external entrance.
  • Sweep external communal entrance front and rear of the block.
  • Clean all handrails and banisters.
  • Clean front and rear communal door entrances, glass in panels and doors inside and outside.
  • Clean all marks on the walls from the top to bottom of the block.
  • If there is graffiti on the walls, clean with graffiti gel/wipes, if it cannot be removed, they will notify their supervisor.
  • Check one metre around the building is free of trip hazards and items, and make sure all drains within this region are clear and unblocked and working.