Your feedback and views are really important to us. Find out how to get involved in giving us feedback or connecting with your local community.

NCH Connected

If you’re one of our customers and you’re interested in getting more involved with us and your community, you could join our resident-only Facebook group, NCH Connected.

NCH Connected is our private Facebook group for NCH Customers to:

  • Engage with us at a time that suits you
  • Access latest information and share opinions
  • Meet and share views with other customers
  • Get involved in discussions regarding different projects with a range of NCH staff
  • Be involved in pulse surveys, polls, panels and virtual meetings to help shape the future NCH
  • Have the ability to start community focused conversations on topics most important to you

To join the group visit NCH Connected on Facebook.

We have a duty to make sure our online community is a welcoming space without any upsetting content, you can read our social media guidelines to find out more.

Community events

If you are holding a community event, we might be able to help out.

We want to be an organisation that represents the people we serve. We want to keep getting better and we need to speak to people in our communities to do this.

If you want to tell us about an event in your community, please email our Customer Engagement team.

Other ways to get involved

If Facebook isn’t your thing, but you would still like to get involved with us, there are other opportunities for you to have your say.

Scrutiny Partnership

Established in 2018, the Scrutiny Partnership are a group of customers who work on behalf of all customers. They make sure that your voice is heard and can influence the way we deliver our services. 

Every year, the Scrutiny Partnership let us know which areas of the association they want to scrutinise. We provide regular updates on our performance, our plans for the future and where we know we need to improve. 

Scrutiny members are invited to sit on internal working groups to help us see things from a customer perspective and are involved in recruiting new colleagues.  We’re always looking for new members. If this is something you’d like to get involved with or you’d like some more information, please contact Alison Johnson at 

Editorial Panel

Would you like to be involved in shaping the way we communicate important updates to our customers?    

Our Editorial Panel read our planned communications and make sure they’re easy to read, contain the right information and are written in a way that is easy to understand.   

Communications that have been reviewed by the panel will contain our 'Customer Approved' Stamp.

As part of our Editorial Panel, you’ll be asked to review some of our important communications that we send to you, as well as potential initiatives that are planned for better ways of delivering our services.   

We value your opinions and suggestions, and this approach allows us to design and shape the information we provide to customers in a way that better suits your needs.    

All material is reviewed by email so your email address would be required, and we will only need your involvement periodically throughout the year. You can give as much or as little time as you’re able to.  

If you’re interested in becoming an Editorial Panel member or you’d like more information, please contact