What’s happening at Alway?

In 2020-2021 we carried out an options appraisal, which reviewed the options of doing nothing, major refurbishment or regeneration, which is demolishing existing homes and building new ones.

The work included carrying out surveys of homes, exploring design and technical options for both refurbishment and regeneration and engaging with residents to find out their views.

What addresses are we looking at?

Having considered all of the available information, for the areas of Penkin Hill 2- 24 even numbers only and Aberthaw Nos 166 - 212 even numbers only this process led NCH to consider that demolition of homes and building new ones would be the best approach and we are now looking to take this work forward.

For the areas of Aberthaw and Balfe Road, Adrian Boult Green, Arthur bliss Road, Britten Close, Walton Close and Beechwood at this moment in time we are not looking to take these areas forward with a full regeneration. Option appraisals are still being considered for refurbishment.

Process and timescales 

  • We’re currently further developing the design proposals presented at our options appraisal stage. We have scheduled to hold a community event on the 7 September at the Alway Centre at 4pm until 8pm.
  • We will then work further on the designs, including incorporating any feedback that we can from the community event.
  • We will carry out a further event with the community in around  – November 2022   
  • We will then look to submit the planning application in December 2022
  • Current timescales for a planning decision are around 9 months

Our current intention is to have a rolling program starting with Penkin Hill and Aberthaw Rd to follow causing the least disruption possible.


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