In May 2024, we completed our heating system upgrade in Duffryn.

About the work

The Duffryn District Heat Network Replacement Project was one of the largest heat network upgrades in the UK, which saw Vital Energi replacing 7.5km of pipework connecting the district heating system to the Duffryn community. The project received funding of £3.7m from the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES) for this work.

The upgraded pipework replaces an ageing system with new products and modern techniques, securing the future of sustainable energy in the heart of Newport. The new pipework ensures the heat network will last longer, lose less heat, and deliver better value for money for customers.

The story of the heating system

The Duffryn heating system was installed during the 1970s. It's supported by over 7.5 kilometres of underground pipework. This includes main roads, our homes, privately owned homes, and Tredegar Park Primary School.

Altogether, it gives heating and hot water to over 970 homes, local schools and businesses.

In February 2023, there were signs that the existing pipework had come to the end of its life. Following leaks across the network, we commissioned specialists to review the network using thermal drone imaging. During this time, we found leaks across the network causing the pipes to lose water. This affected the heating and hot water supply for our customers.

The long-term solution was to replace the pipework to secure the future of the heating system for our customers.

Design and benefits

Duffryn’s biomass boiler demonstrates positive environmental impact and sustainability. It uses locally sourced wood chip, which is kinder to the environment. Local farmlands receive the waste product, which is then used as fertiliser.

As the biomass boiler is not dependent on fossil fuels, it has reduced carbon emissions. This leads to better local air quality.

Some homes and schools in the area don’t have their own boilers. This means the biomass boiler is the central source of hot water and heating. It’s easier and more cost effective to do this than maintain boiler systems in individual homes.


Duffryn Heat Network Upgrade Completion Secures Sustainable Energy for Over 1000 Customers

The newly upgraded pipeline officially went live on Monday 13 May 2024 with a ceremonial opening of the main valve.

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