About the work

In October 2023, we began replacing the pipework connecting the district heating system in Duffryn. We expect this work to take several months and last until spring/summer 2024.

Vital Energi, our principal contractor, will carry out the replacement programme. This will be in partnership with Newport City Homes’ specialist team.

This essential work will improve the performance of the district heating system and offer a better experience for you.

A digger in action at Dyffryn with our NCH team

Your point of contact

Richard Hiscox is the Community Liaison Officer for the Duffryn community. He will be available to answer any questions or concerns that you have. You may also want to read our page for 'answering your questions'.

You can contact him by email: richard.hiscox@newportcityhomes.com or call 07562 435 504.

Rest assured that we have a strong team to support the community during this time.

How we'll help you during the work

We're making sure that there's minimal disruption to the community during replacement works. By laying new pipes alongside existing ones, there will be fewer interruptions to heating and hot water supply.

We'll be communicating with any customers who might be directly affected by work. We'll also be updating our website and social media channels as work progresses. In emergency situations, we're well prepared to support the Duffryn community. We'll be on hand with advice and information when needed.

Throughout the project, we'll be hosting several engagement events. These events will be open to the community to ask questions and know the latest project updates. These will be shared on our social media channels and website when these are planned.

Should you have any urgent queries or concerns, please contact Richard Hiscox. 

Why the work is needed

The pipes connecting the district heating system to homes across Duffryn are ageing. As a result, they need replacing.

In February 2023, we found several leaks across the network. This caused the pipes to lose water, impacting hot water pressure and performance. Emergency repair work added more pressure to the system due to the age of the pipework. This caused new leaks to appear or become worse.

By replacing the pipework, we’re securing the future of the district heating system. It will make sure it is a robust system that will serve the community for generations to come.

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Answering your questions

Check out your frequently asked questions to find out more about our work in Duffryn

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