We understand that while being offered a property can be exciting, it is not always easy.

There is a lot to organise to make a home that is comfortable place to live.

It can be an expensive time, especially if you have never had to budget for things like heating and lighting before. Plus the costs of furniture, appliances and other household items.

We've outlined some of the most essential things you need to know when you become a Newport City Homes social rent customer along with answers to some of our most common questions.

Your contract

To begin with, you will sign a contract with us related to your new home. You will be assigned a Neighbourhood Manager and Customer Account Manager based on the area you're moving to.

Your Neighbourhood Manager will help guide you through the processes involved. Read more about your contract.

Your rent

They will tell you how much rent you will be paying. You will have to pay your rent in advance, at the start of your contract. Usually, one week’s rent is required but, if you intend to pay a different frequency (eg, fortnightly), then you will need to pay the equivalent amount upfront.

You can pay your rent:

  • monthly
  • fortnightly
  • weekly

Please consider how you will be paying your rent before you move into your new home. If you have any concerns about paying your rent, your Customer Account Manager is here to help.

Accessing benefits

If you are receiving benefits, we will do an estimated calculation of your entitlement, to give you a better idea of what you need to pay until your claim is decided. This will form your payment plan.

You may be entitled to receive full housing costs / housing benefit.

Even if you are working, you may still be entitled to get some help with paying your rent. You can find out what you are entitled to using the UK government’s online calculator.

Please note it is your responsibility to apply for benefits, but we can help you claim the money you are entitled to.

Visit our money advice section for help with saving energy, budgeting and accessing additional funding.


Frequently asked questions

How do I report a repair?

To report a repair, complete our online form or use the Customer App.

Some repairs will be your responsibility to address – read our repairs in your home page.

If your repair is an emergency, please call us on 01633 381 111.

How do I get proof of my contract?

If you have our Customer App, you can get proof of your contract by going to the My documents’ folder. Find out more about our customer app and how to sign-up.

You can also contact us for a PDF of your rent statement if you need one.

Can my partner move in with me?

Yes. You do not need to ask permission for a partner to move into your home. But, if they receive benefits this may impact their entitlement, so they would need to let the

Department for Work and Pensions know about the change in circumstances. Contact us if you want to make them a household member.

Can I have a pet?

If you want to keep a domestic pet; please contact us to get permission first.

Please note, it’s your responsibility to make sure your pet, or  the pets of any  visitors do not cause any annoyance to your neighbours. Dogs must be kept under control, should be kept on a lead when outside your home or garden and you must clean up after them.

Dog fouling is a criminal offence and you could be fined up to £1,000.

We work closely with the Council’s community safety and dog wardens to tackle the issue.

XL Bully dogs

It is now illegal to sell, abandon, give away, or breed an XL Bully dog. It is a criminal offence to own an XL Bully Dog in England and Wales unless you have a Certificate of Exemption. It’s also illegal to have an XL Bully dog in public without a lead and muzzle.

For more information read the UK government’s advice.


Where can I park my car/vehicle?

Parking on our land

You are welcome to park your vehicles on our land as long as you follow these rules.

Your vehicle:

  1. must be parked on the road or in a designated parking bay, not on grassed areas
  2. must be taxed and insured
  3. cannot be an off road vehicle (SORN)
  4. cannot be a caravan or boat

The land is only to be used for parking vehicles that are roadworthy and legal.

We reserve the right to withdraw our permission at any time or to ask that you move or reposition your vehicle to allow maintenance of the area.

Mobility scooters

We have produced a mobility scooter booklet (PDF) for residents living in our tower blocks. It has advice on mobility scooter purchase, keeping your scooter safe, charging facilities and insurance.

Can I decorate my home?

Yes. You can paint it or wallpaper it as you wish. It's up to you how you decorate it and make it your home, but please keep it in a good condition.

Please note you must not paint radiators, sockets, tiles or kitchen units. If you do, you will be charged a fee to cover the costs of repair. Find out about making alternations to your home.

Who looks after my garden/shed?

Although we own the property, you are responsible for its upkeep, which includes the garden and any outbuildings, such as sheds.

Please maintain your own garden, by cutting any grass, trimming hedges and trees, and keeping it tidy.

If you have a shared garden, you will probably be paying a service charge for its maintenance. Find out how we manage your shared gardens and communcal areas.


Moving House Carrying Boxes

Moving tips and advice

Whether you are joining us as a new customer, moving to a new home or leaving us, get some useful tips and advice for moving house.

Find out more