How to end your contract

To end your contract with Newport City Homes, you need to complete our 'notice to quit' form.

You must give us at least four weeks' notice.

Your contract can end on any day, but the four weeks notice should start from the time we can reasonably be expected to have received your notice. This means during business opening hours.

As an example, a notice sent at 7pm on a Friday night would not be received until 8am on the following Monday morning.

If you are a joint contract-holder please note that you will be ending your part of the contract only. Please make sure that you have discussed this with the other joint contract-holder(s) before signing this form and give them notice of your intention to leave.

If the other joint contract-holder(s) also wish to end their part of the contract they will also need to complete the notice to quit form.

If you have any questions, please email homes&

Notice to quit form

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