Our Duffryn community events took place last week as we begin the Duffryn District Heat Network Replacement works, due to continue until Spring/Summer 2024.

Two women walk with a child through the grounds of the energy centre wearing hig-vis vesta and hard hats

What’s happened?

Our Duffryn community engagement events offered a fantastic opportunity to meet with you and talk about the next steps in our Duffryn District Heat Network Replacement project.

As well as meeting with our communities, we also had the pleasure of hosting BBC Wales and the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales who featured our Energy Centre in publicity for its report Preparing Wales for Renewable Energy 2050.

The bigger picture

At Newport City Homes, we’re passionate about making sure our environmental impact is positive and we’re taking every opportunity to combat climate change. Duffryn’s biomass boiler is a vital part of this and demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability.

The heating and hot water generated at the community energy centre is used to heat over 970 homes and local schools. Some homes and schools in the area don’t have individual boilers, and it’s more  cost effective to maintain a central plant rather than individual boiler systems. The Duffryn biomass boiler also uses locally sourced wood chip, which is kinder to the environment, and the waste product is given to local farmland for fertiliser.

In a talking point with BBC Wales, our Chief Executive Officer Ceri Doyle emphasised the importance of Duffryn’s energy centre as affordable and energy-conscious.

What’s next?

The full replacement works are underway and due to carry through until Spring/Summer 2024.

With any large project, this is a team approach, and colleagues from right across the Newport City Homes will be joining together to make sure that our customers are safe and well-informed throughout this.

I missed the tour – can I still look around?

You can watch our Facebook tour on our NCH Connected facebook group. This is group is for customers only and will keep you connected with Newport City Homes and your community. Register your details to join.

How will I be kept updated on this work?

Get in touch! If you want to know more about the project, or have any questions or concerns, please contact Richard Hiscox (Community Liaison Officer) at Richard.Hiscox@newportcityhomes.com or call 01633 227809

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