If you want to move home, you may be able to swap homes with another customer. This is known as a 'right to transfer' (previously mutual exchange). 


What is the 'right to transfer'?

A right to transfer allows you to transfer your contract to another customer when you move home, and the contract for your new home will be transferred to you. You can do this either with us or a different community landlord.  

What is the process?

Here are the steps involved:

  • Check you’re eligible for the right to transfer
  • Register with Homeswapper
  • Once you’ve found someone to swap with, visit their property to make sure that you are happy with it
  • Complete your application and self-assessment forms and return them to us
  • Keep in touch with the person you are hoping to swap homes with
  • We will keep in touch with you throughout the process


Are you eligible to transfer your home?

It’s important that you find out if you are eligible to swap homes before you submit an application. For example, you need to have:

  • No debt
  • No under occupation for the incoming customer
  • No court order

Our application form contains guidance notes at the top, so please read carefully through these. It explains what type and size of home you can swap with based on your household size and the most common reasons why exchanges are rejected.


How to find someone to transfer with

If you believe you are eligible to swap your home, unless you already know someone who wants to swap homes, the HomeSwapper website is the best way to find a new home. It’s free for NCH customers and has homes available to swap across the UK from different housing associations, not just Newport City Homes. It’s designed for people to advertise their properties when looking to exchange.

You will need to create your own account to advertise your property and browse suitable swaps.

Once you have found someone to exchange properties with, you need to make arrangements to visit the property to see it in person and make sure that you want to live there.

Once you have decided you want to move, everyone involved in the swap must complete a right to transfer application form. We can only begin to process your application once we’ve received forms from all those involved in the swap. We would advise you to keep in touch with the other person you are hoping to exchange with to ensure that their application is being processed.

All NCH customers have to submit a property condition self-assessment form as part of their application. This form will help you identify any damage and the repairs you need to make before you can move. It should help us speed up processing your application.

Complete your application and property condition forms below and send them to [email protected] 

1. Download the Right to Transfer application form

2. Download the Right to Transfer guidance notes

3. Download the property condition self-assessment form 


What happens after you submit your application

We’ll send you a written acknowledgement, we have 14 days to request further information and 30 days to give our consent or refuse the Transfer.  

Once we confirm you’re eligible, we’ll contact you to arrange a property inspection. A surveyor will visit your home and check for any health and safety issues, any alterations or aesthetic changes or damage in the property.  

You cannot move into the new property until you have received written consent and we have agreed a mutual date for you to move.

We’ll arrange for gas and electrical safety checks to be carried out on the day you transfer.

You can read further information on the right to transfer on the Legislation website.


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