If you're new to our Somerton work and want to find out more about the background of the project and which homes may be affected, please click here.


Somerton Community Engagement Event 
Hope Centre, Thursday 29th September 3 – 7pm 

The information shared at this community consultation event showing our proposed designs for the regeneration and refurbishment of Somerton is available here.

You can also visit the Hope Centre (weekdays 9am-2pm) to view our information boards.  

Please complete the form below after you have looked at the information available - your feedback is really important to us and will help us shape our plans for Somerton.  

Click here to fill out the form and have your say.

If you have any enquiries or need assistance to give your feedback, please contact Rebecca Sluman by email ([email protected]) or call 01633 227808.  


Here's a copy of a letter that we hand delivered out to all homes in Somerton. This is an update on where we are with regards to looking at areas of prospective regeneration and refurbishment throughout Somerton.

Read the letter here.

We share the latest activity on our work in Somerton through a monthly update.

Click here to take a look at the latest Somerton project blog (September 2022).

Previous blogs:

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Resident steering group
Our Resident Steering Group is made up of a number of Somerton tenants, homeowners and representatives, including local Councillors.

We meet on a monthly basis either virtually or in person, depending on current restrictions. 

Our meetings normally take place on the first Wednesday of every month. 

You can see our COVID-19 risk assessment here.

RSG minutes (September 2022)
RSG minutes (August 2022)
RSG minutes (July 2022)

RSG minutes (June 2022)
RSG minutes (May 2022)
RSG minutes (April 2022)
RSG minutes (March 2022)
RSG minutes (February 2022)
RSG minutes (January 2022)
RSG minutes (December 2021)
RSG minutes (November 2021)

If you would like to be involved in the steering group, please contact Wesley Ford, Community Services Officer, on 01633 227614 or e-mail us at [email protected].


Talk to us

If you have a question about our work or would like to talk to a member of the project team there are several ways that you can get in touch with us.

  1. E-mail us at [email protected]
  2. Contact Wesley Ford, Community Services Officer, on 01633 227614
    You can speak to us by phone or arrange a home visit if you would prefer.
  1. We're also in close contact with the local community through the Somerton Estate Facebook group. To join the group, search 'Somerton Estate' from your Facebook homepage. 


Our communications 
Below we have included a breakdown of the communications we have sent out to homes in Somerton.

If you would like to receive paper copies of these or have any questions, please let us know at [email protected] 

We also engage with the community on a regular basis through the Somerton Estate Facebook group, where we respond to questions and post updates.



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