We currently have a major development and regenaration scheme happening in Someton.

We know that our homes in Somerton aren’t at the quality that we would like them to be, so we're demolishing the existing homes and will be rebuilding brand-new homes, fit for the future.

Who can I talk to about this?

We understand that residents may have further questions. There are several ways that you can get in touch with us.

Rebecca Sluman, Development Officer

[email protected]

01633 227808


March 2023 Update

Solum will be carrying out drainage CCTV surveys Somerton from 8th March – 10th March. The majority of the works will be undertaken within the carriageway of Hawthorne Ave and Sycamore Ave on the existing Welsh Water sewer system.

However, access will  be required to the front and back gardens of the Newport City Homes properties located in Sycamore Ave, Hawthorn Ave, Palm Square and Libeneth Road. Solum will knock your door to ask for permission to carry out the drainage survey

The CCTV survey is required to determine the condition, depth and position of all existing chambers within the public system. Whilst carrying out these surveys the drainage will be jetted to clear silt / debris, which will improve the overall efficiency of the system.


We share the latest activity on our work in Somerton through a monthly update.

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