Welcome to our January update, and the first post of 2024, about our work in Somerton.

Our January Resident Steering Group met on the 10 January at Nexus House, and online via Teams. We had 7 residents attend the meeting. Tony, Terry and Phillipa from Oxford Architects attended the meeting.

Tony talked through the design activity we have been working on, please read the minutes for details about the design.

Project Plan

We have a project plan that we work to, this has slipped slightly due to the changes we have had to make to the designs of Acacia Avenue (Phase 1). We will be sending a submission to Welsh Government for them to comment on the designs in February and we will be looking to submit planning permission in March.

Design update

We will be focusing on Acacia Avenue (Phase 1) and will be submitting a planning application for this area only, this is to reduce the planning risk and will be the quickest and most efficient way to get this phase underway.

The boundary for Acacia Avenue has now changed and will exclude Poplar Road, this will decrease the size of the public open space and will include and informal play area.

We have submitted a formal Secure by Design application, we are waiting on any comments on our application.

We will be carrying out bat and reptile surveys on land that belongs to us and Newport City Council later this year, these surveys will be carried out during the season window. A survey of a watercourse that runs from Aberthaw Road into Somerton will be taking place.


We are looking to hold a community consultation event, we were looking to hold this now in early 2024 but we need to ensure that we have plans that the community can comment on. The plans we will show will be for Acacia Avenue (Phase 1) and it will show the houses, apartment blocks, the green open space and the play area.

If you do any questions relating to the regeneration plans and your home please contact me on the email below.

Time and date of next meeting

The next meeting is on Wednesday 7 February at 5:30pm.

We hope that this blog has been useful – if you have any questions, or if there’s anything you’d like us to cover in future blogs, please get in touch with us at rebecca.sluman@newportcityhomes.com.


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