In 2017, we changed our board structure and to allow us to appoint members based on the skills we need.

The former board structure saw 15 board members fall under three distinct categories: residents, council nominees and independents. It also saw the council hold a third of voting rights for some resolutions.

Our new board structure has 12 members and Newport City Council's share now counts for one vote.

Our new board is: 

  • Nicola Somerville (chair)
  • Chris England (audit and risk chair)
  • Jayne Rose (audit and risk vice-chair)
  • Jane Mudd (remuneration chair)
  • John Harrhy
  • Janice Morgan
  • Alex Stephenson
  • Kevin Ward
  • Helen Taylor
  • Cathy Bryant

Find out more about the board.

Board members can view their digital boards here.

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