Our Neighbourhood Managers are responsible for delivering a range of services within a specific neighbourhood area. We are calling this ‘place-based’ service delivery.  

Introducing your Neighbourhood Manager  

You now have one dedicated person to speak to if you need help with your tenancy. These are some of the things that your Neighbourhood Manager can help with: 

  • Allocating and welcoming you to your new home
  • Responding to tenancy breaches or complaints
  • Investigating alleged anti-social behaviour – our ASB offer [PDF]
  • Dealing with legal change of tenancy
  • Processing an exchange application 

Who is my Neighbourhood Manager?

We have split the city into the below 4 clusters and then into 26 Neighbourhoods.  Click on the link to find out who your Neighbourhood Manager is: 

Who is my Neighbourhood Manager?

Who do I talk to about my rent?

We have a separate customer accounts teams who collect rent and recover outstanding arrears.  They are there to support you with any financial difficulties you may have so please get in touch.

Your Customer Account Managers are split East and West of the city.  Click on this link to find out who your Customer Account Manager is:

Who is my Customer Account Manager?

When should I use the main call centre – Tel. 01633 381111?  

  • To make an automated payment
  • Report a repair 
  • General questions not related to your tenancy 

We’re really excited about these changes, and we believe that they’ll provide a much better experience for everyone.