The Duffryn heating system was put in place during the 1970s. It's supported by over seven kilometres of underground pipework. This includes main roads, our homes, privately owned homes, and Tredegar Primary School.

Altogether, it gives heating and hot water to over 970 homes, local schools and businesses.

Video: The story of the heating system


Design and benefits

Duffryn’s biomass boiler demonstrates positive environmental impact and sustainability. It uses locally sourced wood chip, which is kinder to the environment. The waste product is given to local farmland as fertiliser. As its not dependent on fossil fuels, it has reduced carbon emissions. This leads to better local air quality.

Some homes and schools in the area don’t have their own boilers. This means the biomass boiler is the central source of hot water and heating. It’s easier and more cost effective to do this than maintain boiler systems in individual homes.

Duffryn Open Day

Duffryn Energy Centre: The next chapter begins

Our Duffryn community engagement events offered a fantastic opportunity to meet with you and talk about the project.

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