Two hundred trees have been planted along the banks of Bettws Brook in Newport. The saplings were donated by Linc Cymru to Newport City Homes. 

The two social landlords teamed up and spent a morning putting them in the ground along the popular walk spot in Bettws.  

WATCH a video of the trees being planted


Rebecca Billington, environmental officer from Linc Cymru, said: “Like Newport City Homes, we also have tenants who live near Bettws Brook, and it is hoped that these new trees will encourage more residents to get outdoors and enjoy what is on their doorstep.” 

Stephen Caddy, watercourse supervisor from Newport City Homes, said: “Over the last few months we have been carrying out work on Bettws Brook to improve it for the local community. The timing of this donation was perfect. The native saplings were easy to plant and will be a lovely addition to encourage more wildlife to the area.”