Newport City Homes has launched its ambitious new strategy for the next five years which outlines its priorities for the next five years.

NCH Strategy 2025 was developed with our colleagues, residents & stakeholders to ensure we deliver the best possible outcomes for our residents, communities and the city of Newport for years to come.

Ceri Doyle, Chief Executive at Newport City Homes, explains more:

“It is an exciting time for Newport City Homes (NCH) as we launch NCH Strategy 2025 which revitalises our approach to ensure we remain a strong and resilient housing association that delivers efficient and effective services to our residents and communities.

Over the last five years, we’ve significantly improved the services we provide. To do this, we’ve had to adapt our approach to accommodate welfare reform and the implementation of Universal Credit, revised health and safety measures which were introduced following the Grenfell tragedy and many other changes which have impacted our association and residents.

More recently, the worldwide health crisis COVID-19 has caused change and challenge on an unprecedented scale, with many societal inequalities being brought to the fore.

As a registered social landlord, Newport City Homes is uniquely placed to play a key role in ensuring our residents and communities are given opportunities to grow and succeed as society responds to the challenges ahead.

The scale of these challenges is huge; global economic uncertainty, reducing our carbon footprint, adapting to the rapid pace of technological advancements, tackling the national housing crisis, responding to homelessness, meeting the changing needs of our residents and communities, and supporting the recovery efforts of the city whilst managing expectations from our partners and stakeholders. The list is long and sits against a backdrop of significant societal change.

But with change comes opportunity.

As the world around us changes, so will we. While the next five years will inevitably bring change, NCH Strategy 2025 embraces a flexible approach; our outcomes are clear, but our delivery models encourage innovation and adaptation to ensure we respond to challenges and embrace opportunities.

This strategy sets out our priorities and how we will deliver them to provide quality homes and services that our residents want, support thriving communities, provide new homes and regenerate communities.

As we do this, we will remain an employer of choice, demonstrating we are a well-run association with a strong financial performance, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

It is only by continuing to put residents at the heart of every decision we make, adapting to change, tackling challenges and embracing opportunities that we will provide homes in communities where people want to live, now and for years to come.

We are excited for our future. We hope you are too.”






NCH Strategy 2025 is available to view and download here.