What addresses are affected by our work?
1 – 23 Oak Road 

How did NCH decide on regeneration and building new homes in Oak Road?

The first part of our work took place between February and July 2021. We engaged with residents in Oak Road who might be affected by any future work we carry out to understand how they felt about their home and community.

We took this feedback on board and developed a very early draft of what our future work could look like. We used these early plans to engage with the community and understand their views on several different options for Oak Road.

In looking at the options, we considered:

  • The results from the surveys we carried out, to highlight any issues which may need to be looked at
  • The options available, including the benefits and challenges this may present to the community and the potential costs
  • The views of the community and consultation responses from residents

Having considered all of the available information, we believe that the opportunity to regenerate Oak Road and and build new homes on the former St Johns Court site may offer the best long-term option for the local community.

This means that the option we are taking forward for Oak Road is building new homes.

We have written to and visited all affected residents to inform them of this outcome.


A timescale for our work is set out below. This is an indicative timeline for the proposed development, and assumes no issues with each stage. We expect to begin building new homes in mid/late 2023, and we'll keep the community updated on our progress.