We will no longer send out rent statements to our residents on a quarterly basis.

Feedback received has consistently questioned the value of them, especially if a resident’s account is in credit or they owe a small amount of rent which is less than what it costs us to post out the statement. Other comments have been around the way the statement looks, and by the time they are posted out, the statements are always out of date.

A lot of staff time is involved in producing the statements, dealing with queries from residents about its content, along with the costs of printing and posting.

We have weighed everything up, and with the opportunity for residents to view their rent statement (and other tenancy account statements) at any time on our portal (if you haven’t registered already, please do!) we feel that the amount of staff time and cost involved can be put to better use. Click here to register for the portal.

The production and postage of these statements each year alone costs the same as:

    8 new kitchens         11 new bathrooms           13 re-wires

We hope you agree that this is a sensible decision. However, if you would prefer to receive a paper statement please contact your income officer.


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