What’s happening?

Over recent months we have been looking at what work, if any, is required to improve some of our homes in the Alway area.

This applies to certain properties only, and a full list of addresses we have been looking at is listed below.

What addresses are we looking at?

Penkin Hill – 2- 24 (Evens)

Aberthaw Road – 142 – 212 (Evens)

Balfe Road – 1 – 23 (Odds)

Arthur Bliss Road – 24 – 58 (Evens)

Britten Close 7 – 18 (All)

Walton Close 6 – 11 (All)

Adrian Boult Green 5 – 16 (all)


Information for your area

The homes we’re looking at in Alway are located in six areas.

We have listed these areas below – please click on your area for the latest information.

Arthur Bliss Road and Britten Close

Aberthaw West & Balfe Road

Aberthaw East

Penkin Hill

Walton Close

Adrian Boult Green


The story so far

The first part of our work took place between February and July this year. We engaged with residents in Alway who might be affected by any future work we carry out to understand how they felt about their home and community.

We took this feedback on board and developed a very early draft of what our future work could look like. We used these early plans to engage with the community and understand their views on the three options we have been considering:  

Option one: Take no action
One of our options was to not take any action. This means that we would not carry out any additional work in Alway outside of our normal planned maintenance schedule.

Option two: Refurbishment
Our second option was to focus on extensive refurbishment of existing properties. This would mean that existing NCH residents would need to move from their property in order for this work to be carried out.

Option three: Building new homes
This option explores demolishing existing homes and building new ones to benefit local residents and the wider community.


What option are we taking forward?

In looking at the options, we considered:

  • The results from the surveys we carried out, to highlight any issues which may need to be looked at
  • The options available, including the benefits and challenges this may present to the community and the potential costs
  • The views of the community and consultation responses from residents

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch to share your views, and to all those who responded to our non-statutory consultation.


Information for Arthur Bliss Road, Britten Close, Walton Close, Adrian Boult Green and Balfe Road residents
Also including 120 Aberthaw Road, and 142 – 164 Aberthaw Road West (even numbers only)

Having considered all of the available information, at this time we will not be taking any immediate action on any homes in the above areas.

This means that the option we are taking forward is option one (take no action). Our ongoing repairs and maintenance programme will continue as normal, and we have written to all affected residents to inform them of this outcome.

We may review this decision again in the future.

Our commitment to sustainability means we may also carry out further investment work in the future to improve the energy efficiency of these homes to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce energy bills for our customers. If we do, we will write to all affected residents.  

If you are an NCH tenant, we will continue to carry out required repairs and health and safety checks as a responsible landlord. If you are a leaseholder, we will continue to look after the external envelope of the building.

We truly appreciate the feedback received by the community during our work. If you have any further queries or you would like to speak to us directly, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Information for Penkin Hill and Aberthaw Road residents
2 – 24 Penkin Hill
166 – 212 Aberthaw Road East (even numbers only)

Having considered all of the available information, we believe that the opportunity to regenerate homes in Penkin Hill and Aberthaw Road and build new homes may offer the best long-term solution for the local community.

This means that the option we are taking forward for these areas is option three (building new homes). We have written to all affected residents to inform them of this outcome.


What happens now?

We expect to start working up our proposals for Penkin Hill and Aberthaw Road later in Spring/Summer 2022. This means that there is no immediate impact on your home.

We understand that you may be concerned about what this will mean for you and your home. As part of working up our proposals in more detail we would carry out a significant amount of community engagement and working closely with affected residents

If you are an NCH tenant, as part of our work we will talk to you in detail to understand your individual circumstances and any concerns you may have. We will also talk you through any re-housing process, taking into account your needs and preferences. You will have plenty of notice of any changes.

If you are a leaseholder, there is no immediate impact on your property. We will talk to you individually as part of our work to understand your circumstances. If we do need to consider buying your property as part of our work, we will discuss this with you and talk with you about the likely process, options and compensation.


We have identified some key next steps for us, which we expect to take forward from spring/ summer 2022. These include:


  • To look at the best ways of working with the local community in the future and carry on talking with you to understand your views
  • This may include setting up a resident steering group, consisting of a smaller group of residents to talk to in more detail as we go forward


  • We will be working up our plans in more detail and making amendments informed by the feedback received, such as design aspects of the new builds


  • We know you really want information about the potential timeline for any works, we will look to develop this in dialogue with you when our work commences in 2022

We will write to residents in Spring 2022 with more information.


Who can I talk to about this?

We understand that residents may have further questions. There are several ways that you can get in touch with us.

Wesley Ford, Community Services Officer

[email protected]

01633 227614

E-mail our project team at [email protected]

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