A new youth group is coming together in Ringland to help give young people in the area things to do after school and at the weekends. 

We have donated just under £1K to help the group get set up, covering insurance costs as well as sports kit for football and baseball and a 12-in-1 games table.

We’ve been doing a lot of work in Ringland with our exciting regeneration project to completely renew the area. We’re building new homes and a modern shopping centre, which will sit alongside the Newport East Health and Wellbeing Centre from Newport City Council. GP services, dentistry, community health services such as nursing and mental health support and a community pharmacy will all help to transform Ringland Centre for the local community.

As part of this work, and with support from our contractor Lovell Homes, we’re able to give back to local people with our community benefit funding and we’re so pleased to be able to help this youth group get up and running.