Newport City Homes fully supports the conservation charity Plantlife’s ‘No Mow May’ campaign.

The campaign encourages individuals, social landlords and stakeholders to help bees, butterflies and other wildlife by letting wild flowers grow on lawns and green spaces throughout May instead of mowing them.

Newport City Homes fully supports the recognition of its status as ‘Bee Friendly Places’ to enhance nature and take actions that help counter the impact of climate change.

Newport City Homes has adopted measures of grass management and different wildflower seed mixes in designated ‘leave to grow’ sites to support the local environment.

We have adopted grass management methods and schedules, as well as increase capacity to implement sustainable changes that benefit both nature and our customers and public.

As a result, regular mowing schedules across Newport will begin in June and grass cutting will still take place before then in a number of places in order to:

  • Maintain visibility for road users with clear sight lines.
  • Maintain margins and access paths
  • Maintain access to play and recreational green spaces

Commenting, Newport City Homes Estates Surveyor "great to be working for a forward-thinking company that adopts policies that support wildlife, our commitment to environmental sustainability to preserve our planet”

From energy efficient new developments, reviewing specifications incorporating sedan roofs, green walls,  wastewater heat recovery and avoidance of fossil fuels, improving energy efficiency of existing stock,  we are taking many proactive steps as a landlord to make Newport a greener, healthier place to live and our support for No Mow May is another of those steps.

It is recognised that NCH has a duty to help increase biodiversity and by supporting this campaign, we are demonstrating our commitment to making positive, sustainable environmental improvements.

The areas for “No Mow May” this year are -

  • Soakaway Fields at Broadmead and Moorland
  • Ringwood Hill green leading to the Woods
  • Underwood
  • Old Barn
  • A small number of green areas at the end of Ringland Closes
  • Medway Road
  • Wye Cres/Monnow Way
  • Blackwater Close
  • Avon Close
  • Barrie Gardens
  • Ben Johnson Way