Newport City Homes (NCH) has evicted a tenant for persistent anti-social behaviour connected to the property.

On 2 February, NCH obtained a six-month injunction on the person due to continued noise, including music, banging and shouting, at a flat in Bettws.

Tenancy and leasehold manager Lindsay Murphy said: “Shortly after obtaining the injunction we received complaints that it was being breached due to further complaints of loud music and shouting.

“The community safety wardens attended and used audio body cam equipment which witnessed the music being played 25 metres from the property. The music was so loud that they could identify the song from outside the building.

“We used this evidence to take the case back to court for a committal hearing which has resulted in a proven breach of injunction and mandatory grounds for possession. The defendant was advised that if she was brought before the judge again for further breaches a custodial prison sentence would be ordered without doubt."

Alongside the injunction, NCH also applied for possession of the property. In the hearing the tenant agreed to the breach of injunction and agreed to not contest the possession hearing. An immediate possession order was then obtained, with the tenant evicted on 21 June.

Lindsay Murphy said: “We are working extremely hard with our public service board partners to improve Newport and target all areas that can impact on safety and people’s perception of our city.

“Close partnership working is more important than ever in ensuring that we can deliver the best possible services for our residents. This case is a clear example of a minority of offenders repeatedly causing problems in the same area. We are pleased with the court’s decision and hope that this will deter future anti-social behaviour in this area."

This case highlighted the excellent partnership working which resulted in a positive outcome for neighbours suffering from anti- social behaviour. This was also done without the need for any neighbours to attend court to give evidence.

Councillor Ray Truman, Newport City Council’s cabinet member for licensing and regulation, praised the collaboration between the council and Newport City Homes.

He said: “This is an excellent example of how Newport City Council will actively work with partner organisations such as Newport City Homes to robustly deal with those members of our communities who cause anti-social behaviour.

“The hard work of our Community Service Wardens was evidenced in this case which resulted in a court hearing resulting in repossession order and a positive outcome for neighbours. Well done to all concerned.”