We are always listening to what you tell us about how we can get better.

To help us improve the services you tell us are most important to you, we have brought together our resident engagement and customer service teams to form the new customer experience team.

We know from your feedback that you want quick and easy to access services.

You want us to get it right first time and treat you, your family and your home with the care and respect you deserve.

The good news is that is exactly what we want to do too! This is us putting the resident at the heart of all we do.

Traditional customer service is about how we help when things go wrong, and about being polite and helpful whenever you interact with us.

However, customer experience is about much more than that.

 Customer experience is about how it feels to do business with us throughout your relationship with Newport City Homes. This could be when your first bid on a home to your 50th anniversary as a resident.

We know that will mean different things to different people, so the customer experience team will always engage with you to build a deep understanding of what matters most to you. It will then work with other teams across the business to make it happen.

To get involved, contact 01633 381111 or enquiries@newportcityhomes.com