At Newport City Homes, resident engagement is part of our DNA. We've launched a new resident engagement strategy to set out our commitment in working in partnership with our residents. 
What’s new?
We want to work hand-in hand with residents to improve our services. So we’re making sure you have a variety of opportunities to get involved in all levels of decision making.
Why are we doing it?
You are at the heart of everything we do. You can tell us if we’re getting it right. Or crucially, if we’re not. And if we’re not, we want to understand that and work with you to improve our services.
How are we doing it?
We’re going to listen to you, talk with you and act on your feedback. We’ll do this online, in person or any way that works for you. A resident Scrutiny Panel will focus on how we can do things differently, better.
What difference will it make to you?
You’ll play a key role in shaping our services. Services focused on residents. Focused on you.
This isn’t empty talk. You’ll also hold us to account and make sure we do what we say we’ll do.