We want you to love living in one of our homes.

Our communities are generally great places to live, but there can be times when they are affected by anti-social behaviour (ASB). This can affect the well-being and sense of security of the local community.

If you are experiencing ASB, we are here to help. ASB can include noise nuisance, alcohol-related nuisance, drug dealing, harassment and hate incidents. ASB can also take other forms and we tailor our support to each person's needs.

We can offer you CCTV, window alarms, door chains, personal alarms, loan of a mobile phone to record noise nuisance and noise monitoring equipment. We also encourage people to use the Noise App to gather evidence. You can download a user guide here.

In extreme circumstances, the information we gather can be used to evict troublesome tenants. We also help collect evidence for the police too.

To report ASB, fill in an online form.

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