We want you to love living in one of our homes.

Our communities are generally great places to live, but there can be times when they are affected by anti-social behaviour (ASB). This can affect the well-being and sense of security of the local community.


If you're experiencing ASB, we are here to help. ASB can include noise nuisance, alcohol-related nuisance, drug dealing, harassment and hate incidents. ASB can also take other forms and we tailor our support to each person's needs.

What we can help with 

  • Harrassment
  • Verbal abuse 
  • Intimidation 
  • Criminal behaviour where there is police evidence - this can be criminal behaviour affecting a neighbourhood, or criminal behaviour in a customers' home 
  • Noise nuisance (with evidence from the Noise App/noise monitoring equipment) 
  • Hate-related incidents 

What we can't help with

  • Children playing in the street or arguing 
  • Parking issues 
  • Untaxed vehicles, unless in a dangerous or unsightly condition 
  • Everyday living noise such as flushing toilets, cooking smells, smoking in own home, washing machines, babies crying or playing. This is especially for people living in flats, where a certain amount of noise is to be expected 
  • Staring or looking t someone, giving 'dirty looks'
  • Pets straying across your garden 
  • One-off noise nuisance such as a one-off party or BBQ 
  • Personal disputes where no breach of tenancy can be proven 
  • Problems arising from a conflict of lifestyles, such as shift work or cultural differences 
  • Personal dislikes between neighbours 
  • Personal relationship breakdowns 
  • Anonymous complaints 

How can we help with ASB?

We can offer you CCTV, window alarms, door chains, personal alarms, loan of a mobile phone to record noise nuisance and noise monitoring equipment. We also encourage people to use the Noise App to gather evidence. You can download a user guide here.

In extreme circumstances, the information we gather can be used to evict troublesome tenants. We also help collect evidence for the police too.

  • As many of the complaints we receive are criminal, we work closely in partnership with Gwent Police and other agencies to resolve anti-social behaviour. Police action will influence how, or if, we can deal with a situation  
  • We will investigate complaints thoroughly 
  • We will advise you how you can help with our investigation and provide evidence to us 
  • We'll use a range of legal and non-legal ways to tackle ASB. This could include mediation if suitable, or issuing an Acceptable Behaviour Contract
  • Legal action will be considered as a last resort if all other action has failed, we have suitable evidence and the ASB continues 
  • We'll keep you updated during your case 
  • If we're not able to take any further action, we will let you know and explain why 

What you can do 

  • Try speaking directly with your neighbour to try and resolve things between you. This is often the best way to solve issues and build relationships 
  • Provide us with evidence of ASB (for example, by using the Noise App)
  • Report any criminal activity directly to the Police, get a log number and share this with us 

How do I report ASB?

To report ASB to us, please contact your Neighbourhood Manager or fill in this online form, and we'll be in touch.

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